Acorn Education in partnership with the WCED opened Apex High School in January 2018. Reaching capacity in 2021 with the first grade 12 cohort, Apex has 1200 scholars from grade 8 to grade 12. The languages of instruction are English (four out of six classes) and Afrikaans. Mrs Renate van der Westhuizen is the school principal and leads a committed team of 40 staff members.


Welcome to our school of excellence.

I am incredibly proud to be part of the journey of Apex High School, and every single accomplishment the school has achieved. From the astounding academic growth, the accolades on the sports fields to the incredible character the scholars and staff display daily. As the principal of Apex High School, I have made it my life’s mission to act in the best interest of our scholars and to create an environment where every one of my scholars feel safe, celebrated, and will receive the quality education that they deserve.

From my Masters in theology to my Ph.D. that I am currently busy with, my focus has always been on the marginalised. My teaching career started at an orphanage in Franschhoek. I then served as I deputy principal at a school that specialised in children with learning barriers after which I found my home at Apex High School. 

I am motivated by the strong belief that the poor and vulnerable children of South Africa deserve the same standard education as the affluent. My goals for our school are simple:

I want every scholar to leave Apex High School with the same opportunities that I had when I left school – but more importantly – I want every scholar to EXIT Apex as motivated, successful adults, positively contributing to society.

It is difficult to describe Apex to someone who has never had the privilege to visit, but those who have experienced our school culture will testify that it is different. It is a place where we build character and teach true GRIT, it is a place where we hold each other accountable for our actions and celebrate authenticity, it is a place where we believe and practice discipline. It is a place where every staff member will do whatever it takes to see our kids flourish and rise above all expectations. It is a place where we believe that excellence is not a single act, but rather something we do repeatedly and therefore becomes a habit. It is a place where we seek opportunities to show compassion, but most importantly, it is a place where every single person finds a family. But as I said, it is difficult to describe… come see for yourself.

Renate van der Westhuizen

Whatever it takes!